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and somie inine inine ining -- get complemented all the time. we picked the perfect partner, san francisco giants, and they highlight with well-placed wins and championships and world series trophies that we are pleased about. and they have shown their great vision and entrepreneurial spirit by picking themselves a new partner. and that partner is anchor brewers and disstillers. a san francisco icon, and icon firm and craftsman beer that we would today called san francisco made. it's my honor to introduce all dignita dignitaries. i would first like to recognize mayor ed lee. [applause] supervisors carmen chu, jane kim, and malia cohen. c.e.o. port commission president, and former commissioner michael hardaman. fire chief. and san francisco jim lathermyth. and san francisco made we have katie and sarah from spur. as well as many of our neighborhood leaders, i saw mike bishop from the southern waterfront. and katie from the central waterfront. and the commerce advisory committee. and of course all of you who i hope are not just only san francisco giant fans but fans of home-made beer here in
. well, my sincere wish in the year of serpent san francisco, this great city of america, gateway to china. and the leadership of edwin lee, the first chinese american mayor ever. and the wholehearted support of supervisors, and for harmony, and new achievements in overall development. especially in his relationship with china. well, i wish everyone happy, healthy and professed year of serpent. thank you. >> i am ethnically chinese but culturally southeast asian, let me greet you in from my region. i come from the country of the little lion, singapore. and having just come from india immediately before this posting, let me also wish you amos dei. mr. mayor, and madam supervisors, congratulations on everything that san francisco has achieved. especially the openness and diversity. so as not to keep everyone from the rest of the ceremony, and the enjoyment that awaits. let me only say that i am very, very honored to be in the presence, not only of leaders elected and appointed. but serpent leaders. and i want to take this opportunity in the new year to wish you success in every good
the mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, good afternoon, everybody. it's my pleasure to be here to join former mayor willie brown, and supervisor scott wiener and david campos, and the commission of the police department, and friends and staff and friends and family here to witness the promotion of 56 officers of our police department. you know many of you have heard me say in the city that we are the world passage, and rightly so. we are doing things that no other city is doing to lead the way. not just for economic recovery but job creation. showing the way. and our mission bay and biotech, the latest discovers and drugs, the cure of cancer with residents of san francisco working there. we host the biggest and best conventions in the world to bring people together in this great city to do things that collaborate with each other. whether it's business or medicine or research. we have some of the best research and diversity here that are anchoring the discovery. at the same time we host some of the best sports teams in the world. and you know that we are winn
dazzled when we first -- encounter the fabulous san francisco, it very much mirrors how moved and excited i was when i first got here. i was mess morzed. i feel as a direct connection between his career in law, his work in the civil rights movement and that of his political career beyond which demonstrates an inherent and deeply felt caring and concern for people. but also, he has the talents and the gifts to translate that caring and concern into political and social action. a gift. he makes time for people. this is evidences not only by examining willie's record in public life but i can a test to this personally. when it was a long line of people waiting to see him. a long and varied line. some people -- it struck me we have a very broad cross section to see people who willie had made time for. i saw this every time i came to city hall to visit mayor brown. while he was certainly making time for me and he's always been very open with me and i appreciate that, willie. he's never ever not responded when i have reached out adhesion always made time for me. this is a man who mad
visit us onli morning. my name is larry -- and i'm chair of the san francisco graffiti advisory board and deputy director of operations, department of public works. welcome to zero graffiti international conference. (applause) this morning you will hear from several great speakers and i hope that you are all ready for a fantastic conference. there's a lot to get from today. i want to be brief and move things along. mayor ed lee could not be here this morning but he is very excited about this event and prepared a welcome via video. now the honorable mayor of the city and county of san francisco mayor ed lee. >>: hello. i'm mayor ed lee. it is my pleasure to welcome you to san francisco and the first of its kind, zero graffiti international conference. san francisco is proud to be the innovation capital of the world because we believe that finding solutions to graffiti vandalism or to solve any other challenges is driven by how successful the we embrace and encourage innovation. we continuously seek out ways to leverage new technologies, reduce cost, find efficiencies, and create mean
, made in san francisco ... all right, good morning everyone. okay. i'll try not to isn't that correcty. and i isn't that correct isn't that correct key. and [spelling?] and so i want to thank all of you for being in san francisco and webcore and others who have been such a great part of the success in this city and i want to thank my great friend mayor khan for coming over here and later on, later this year we are going to be traveling over the new span of the bay bridge and joining each other with governor brown as we celebrate in september with largest construction project in the history of the bay area and we talked about it last year when we were thinking about how to celebrate this bridge crossing and we made some cultural connections. and something about our ancestors helping to build the railroads here in the 1800 and is now two chinese americas mayors of our country coming together on the bay privilege. just something remarkable about that. you know, a year ago, i appeared before you, to talk about what we were planning to do, it was the year of the drago
new year celebration. i am feel honored to welcome you here today. for years san francisco has been a shining example of how we get things done together. and not only have folks from asian-american community and from all walks of life. san francisco is truly a melting pot. we want to celebrate our lunar new year and hope for a prosperous new year. and my new role as assessor, we hope that is true. rather than dragging out this presentation. i want to bring up to speak a number of people who you all know, who you all love. and of course who have many things to share with us. san francisco is very fortunate and lucky to have with us our first asian-american, first chinese mayor, mayor ed lee. please welcome him. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor. happy new year everybody. now i want to explain before the news media talks about it. there is an obvious explanation for why the women are sitting on one side. and the men are sitting on the other. because if you have heard councilor general gao in his speeches around the year of the serpent. you often know he has explained this is the yea
-presenters, the san francisco african-american chamber of commerce, the bayview ymca, senator mark leno's office, the san francisco public library, and the mayor's office of neighborhood services, welcome to the 2013 black history month program. the 2013 black history month theme is "at the crossroads of freedom and equality, the emancipation proclamation and the march on washington." the society is the lineal descendant of the san francisco atheneum. it has been the only san francisco institution that is dedicated to documenting, preservinging and presenting true accounts of the history of people of african descent in san francisco. the society is a membership-based organization. without the hard work of our members and friends, the society wouldn't be able to present programs like today's kickoff. i'd like to take a moment here to thank members of our board of directors and the black history month committee who are here. amongst the board of directors members we have here today are dr. bill hoskins, and please hold your applause until i finish the list because we want to give them all a round
call and executive director of the hotel council in san francisco and serve on the board of sf travel. we are supportive of the arena and the work being done. bringing the arena in along with the entertainment portion of it will help the economics of the city. it obviously would help with hotels and people staying in hotels but remember when people stay in a hotel they spend more outside than inside so the benefits would be enormous for the city. definitely we support this put together with it. we do think it would benefit the city hopefully for those live and work in san francisco and appreciate your consideration. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am rebecca [inaudible]. i'm a citizen of the city here and i wanted to say i'm in support of the arena on the community bay side. i think it brings the community today and we pride ourselves as active residents and the arena would add another element to be active and provide jobs and activities for all the residents. thank you. >> hello. my name is sarah . i live in san francisco. i am supportive of the pro
. and that's why it's so important that all the companies in san francisco invest in our effort to create those 5,000 summer jobs, expose them to how to earn their money, not take some handout from somebody. earn their money so that they can have the respect of having a good paycheck and get used to it and get used to success. this is the story that we have to live up to. (applause) >> and it is all about moving forward for everybody. the intent of reenvisioning public housing is so that we can talk to each other about not recreating the story about generations of people stuck in poverty housing. it is about a vision that we agree to, that when we get our paychecks, when we earn those jobs, we move our families forward so that they stay in san francisco and that they are successful in being here in san francisco. that's what we're trying to build. i just got out of a critical hour with senator leno who has been so helpful at the state. and we talked about all of the programs that we need to make sure that we're investing in so that everybody in san francisco can succeed. this is absolutel
, and it was closed because of the budget cuts. i know that growing up here in san francisco, i grew up playing ball in the neighborhood in the local schoolyard. and if kids and families are not given that opportunity. i think it's a real shame. we have embarked on a project and have had fund-raisers over the last years, that have been very successful. and thank you to the sponsors that helped participate. and wouldn't have happened without all of those involved. and i am glad to say that we have 24 schoolyards opened up and more we hope to come online. and we have a power-point deck, and we have michael and christine carr. and got to honor michael for african history month and for those who have played large in this effort. and we need to give them a huge amount of gratitude. could sfgov-tv put on the slide deck. if we turn to the next page, gavin newsom and hydra mendoza had a program to open up our schoolyards. and when we came in office in 20 2011, i think six or 10 schoolyards are opened up and a need for impetus behind that. this is a partnership between my office and lee's office and hydra in
... >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to day two of the senior leader seminar for san francisco fleet week 2012. we had a great day yesterday and we're going to have an even greater day today. we've got a number of people that i would like to bring up to welcome you all. while this senior leader seminar is going on, there's a number of other activities that are going on at the same time. and a very important activity is some training that's taking place on treasure island. it's training by the san francisco fire department and it's become a huge hit with the marines and the sailors that are able to get this training. with that, i'd like to have our police chief -- fire chief from san francisco, chief hayes white, come forth and talk to you about some of these events and the fire department's role. thank you. >> thank you, thank you very much. thank you, general. good morning, everyone. welcome to san francisco. this is day two of the senior leaders seminar. i had the opportunity to sit through most of the seminar yesterday. i found it very informative, and would certainly like to again echo our
is jointly presented by san francisco business times and our partner, title sponsor corn irand carey commercial new mark, night, frank. and we are going it hear from dan clef man and dan class man some 14 year ago really came up with this idea, we sat down over lunch and there was another person involved allen cline knelt and which came up with this idea and so i have to give dan much much credit for that. (applause). . very much so. and in 2012, cornish and carey, dominated the area of commercial real estate with over $6 billion in leasing and sales transactions so very good there. and you are soon going to hear from dan and he is going to give us that a good look at sort off what real estate activity look like here in the bay area. so in addition, to cornish and carey new mark night frank, help me thank our generouses for bringing you this program they are golden gate university and i'll tell you they prepare the most work ready profiles that professionals that you are going to find and we so much appreciate our partnership with golden gate university and thank the president dan
for the city and county of san francisco, naomi kelly. please help me welcome naomi kelly. (applause). >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for having me here today. again, i'm naomi kelly, city administrator for the city and county of san francisco and it's an honor to be participating in this important panel discussion on the uss macon island. over the course of the next 50 minutes, we will be going to focus one of our -- we're going to be focused on one of the most important elements of our city and that's the resill yepbs of our life line. i am joined by a prestigious panel of experts who i believe have a keen insight sbat resill yepbs of the capacities we will be relying on heavily in moving forward post a disaster. here with me today is kirk johnson, to my left, vice president of gas transmissions from pacific gas and electric. next to him is don boland, executive director of california utilities emergency association. next to him is david brig, regional and local water system manager for the san francisco public utilities commission and finally but not least, romel an jell lus, m
and the san francisco community at large. thank you. >> additional public comment? >> good afternoon commissioners. jim meeko from south of market. i think the most devastating revelation two weeks ago when you heard this was the map when the small businesses, hardware stores, home improvement stores in the area passed out that map that showed the two block radius, six block radius and a 2-mile radius around the proposed location. in showing just how many san francisco businesses are involved in this from speedies hardware just two blocks aware. they're struggling to get established on folsom street and another hardware a couple of other blocks away and for the small businesses struggling to remain in this city. i ask you to maintain the commitment you made two weeks ago to the small businesses and to up hold this decision to redie this project. thank you very much. >> any additional public comment? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> yeah, i will let you know why i asked this to come off of consent with a little background. i am old enough to
that the bay area faces. >> yeah i talked to somebody the other day that was familiar with the san francisco budget situation and i remember looking at projections in the future and it was lower so, it seems that happy days are here for san francisco what does this give you the freedom do >>> well first of all, i would not use those phrases, but i'll say that it reflects some of the smart thing that we have done for the first time we have entered into the two-year budge and we have got more reserves than we have ever seen before and this is why moodies would reconsider the ratings for us and i want the ratings to be even better and so we have to keep a very good discipline in our outlook and fiscal compline and we have to continue what we have been doing because it is has been successful because the challenge isn't over the click is still there the sequestering has a huge threat for a number different programs that both of the of us mares are concerned about and just because the state was able to balance the budget we are always making sure that we are investing in the right thing and wh
>> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building
of meetings down in san francisco up at the marines memorial, this is a fabulous program, we had a great medical exchange yesterday. senior leaders seminar third year in a row has gotten a lot of attention. we have a lot of new people who haven't been here for the past couple years, we have a lot of people who have been here for the last 3 years, and one of the major consistent people who has been behind this whole program is the chairman of the san francisco fleet week association, general -- major general mike myers who i'm going to ask to come up and make is remarks. >> thank you, lewis. when i accepted the responsibilities for organizing san francisco's fleet week, the guidance given to me by our honorary co-chair was bring the fleet back to fleet week and make it productive with a mission. lewis has played a big part. i would like to introduce the third fleet commander, this is his ship, we're grateful to be on the ship and had the third fleet with us, please help me welcome vice admiral gerald beeman. >> good morning, everybody, thank you so very much for joining us. i know
of the car in san francisco and that's when police shot one of the men several times. killing him. it is unclear if that was the passenger or the driver. police are not saying at this point whether the man who was shot had a weapon. >> can you tell me if the person who was killed was armed? >> i can't say exactly if that person was armed or not. just too early in the investigation. >> too early in the investigation to say exactly what happened. >> now, the second man who was inside that car was taken into custody by police. no officers were shot during all of this. but at least one officer did sustain some minor injuries. in fact the car that the two men were inside actually rolled into a police car. and hit that police car. now, as we bring you back out live to the picture, san francisco homicide investigators are out here still gathering evidence. they will be working with the district attorney's office to piece together this deadly police shooting. we also did this morning put in a call to daily city police for a comment on what took place here since their department was involv
12 years of educating professionals in the greater san francisco bay area and around the world we at g g u firmly believe that an educated workforce is the best way to bring that vision forward. we applaud mayor khan's efforts to workforce development opportunity opportunities for the cities and we hope to work with her to create additional opportunity we thank the mayor for her continued services in the city of oakland and the bay area now before you meet her there is going to be a short video but we want you to welcome may khan. thank you. >>> oakland has a rich hair damage it's talented and there is a few reason why artistss are gravi at a timing to oakland one it has a long history of art for many reasons certainly there is a huge rich tradition here it's a perfect artistic hub it's a place that if i were back in a band i would seriously consider located locketting my place here you can grow your audience there is a lot of new businesses sprod sprouting you mean and new cafe and is stews. and if i brought someone to oakland the highlight of the trip they would have to s
. >> well, thank you very much, inspector monroe and welcome ladies and gentlemen to the san francisco police department's police commission community meeting we are going to have a few words from supervisor ferrel who represents the district. supervisor, ferrel? >> thank you. >> can you guys hear me okay? >> yes. >> all right. >> well, thank you, first of all, thank you pr mazzucco and thank you for the police commissioner for coming welcome back to district two. and i want to say thank you to all of the residents who are here and i see not only a lot of the fellow san franciscoans here but i see a lot of other members and i want to thank fellow westrake for hosting us here. as he mentioned the police commission does this once in a while and comes on for the different districts and it is a chance for the members to see what happens with the police commission and more importantly give a voice to people, and allow people to come up to speak to let people know on the police commission what is going on in the district. i know that i have been in touch with a lot of you with the recent cri
for the city and county of san francisco. i have spent many years prosecuting child abuse cases in san francisco of all kinds. i am here to tell you district attorney george gaston is strongly committed to this opening. we have fought years for something like this. child abuse cases present unique and difficult challenges. their needs are immense and the agencies that work on this and experts from child protective services to the police to the da's office to doctors and psychologists. the benefits of having all of those people in one place for the children who is a victim of abuse or witnessed traumatic incidents is immeasurable. for them to be able to go to one spot with their family and receive services and support and placement all in one place, and in a building that has excellent public transportation that families can get to easily that is known throughout the city this particular location. the benefit also runs through the experts to have all of us in one place to talk to each other, to talk about cases, to plan a strategy, to try to make sure not only that child but othe
a third in san francisco and how many of you have visited -- on the east bay yeah, another about a third. so that is actually one of the points that i'll be making today basically, the two things i want you to walk out remembering today is that oakland is on the rise and it's growing mommentum and at this point in history, it's the rural city of business opportunities and i'm going go over just a few of those points. mary asked us to pick an hour and i love mary and she is this charge of the local papers and trends and i'm sure most of you do. oakland is a city that is definitely on the rise and has stabilizessed a really strong financial base. probably in the strongest position that we have been in in a decade, and that is due to my new management leadership team and i want to give a shout out to santa ana city mr. and pat johnson who's the assistant to the managerial financeses and i'm going to intros them a little later. we have basically and you nerve can tell because of the surprises from the other government and is the feds and the elimination of redevelopment and et cetera but
to undercut the folks in san francisco that would sign up to our program? >> well, i would expect that pg and e will be marketing the program throughout their service territory, once it's authorized, i would expect that from the numbers they're pretbacker projecting, it's from throughout those 30 thousand accounts are throughout their service territory, since we would be marketing and educating folks about renewable energy offerings, our market may be more ready to consider that sort of option and i would expect that pg and e will be able to under the code of conduct, we are required to provide rate comparisons that we work on together with pg and e, our program offering versus theirs and i would expect the california puc would require us to show the green e option in that comparison, so we would be sort of more actively engaged with pg and e customers in san francisco as would pg and e as perhaps to their other territories. >> our customers automatically enroll in the green e program? >> no, customers would need to elect, sign up for that program, and that's why i think pg and e is proje
in the bay. and other than san francisco, people didn't build dense development on their water. alamada, marin, maybe a couple, but the areas. but. the bulk of their development is not on the water front. i look there, i don't see one person that lives anywhere near fill, i know where every one of you live. the planning department staff they may have some people that live on the fill, over near the fill and they are directly affected by it. but, i really don't know. i know that people died on the fill in (inaudible). the sexy press coverage was done of the marina because they were upper market class people, south of market people died too, and there was no coverage. (inaudible) it was not even a footnote that there were deaths in the south of market. and they were on fill, you have (inaudible) a lot of designs on for expanded development. where is the discussion? i think that john ebelin was absolutely right in what he asked for, i am uping the anty, i want to have a real discussion on the policy of how the commission is going to deal with (inaudible) ross and bay fill and the developme
might also see flight delays of up to 90 minutes into major cities like san francisco but again, that's at least not the only impact you might see before that is on an extremely busy day at the airport..often times tsa or customs might add additional personnel when they know there will be an unusually high number of passengers. but with sequestration there will be no overtime. and that means no additional workers femmehappening right now. a 'first friday' event in oakland. venomlast month, a shooting broke out after the 'first friday' event ended. and one man was killed. been made. and the event iskron 4's j.r. stone joins us if live from oakland. officers with the santa cruz police department were back on duty today. following the murder of two of their own. on tuesday, detective sgt. loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler were gunned down by jeremy goulet. the officers were investigating a misdemeanor branci-forte avenue. when the suspect opened fire, killing the two officers. goulet had a long history of sex- related assaults and arrests. goulet was later shot and kille
coming to san francisco since may for the planning efforts and i got to participate in the com drill with 6 marines and we were dispersed from all 3 different sites. >> good morning, everybody, my name is michelle geddis, i'm with the san francisco department of emergency management, i'm responsible for the project management ofrs and one of our major programs is the interoperatability program. so i was more than delighted to be part of this com exercise, i was able to be an evaluator at the ocean beach location and we have a lot of lessons learned to talk about. thanks. >> one of the challenges that we have in civilian and also you as military is that common operating picture. how do we make sure that all of our resources in the field, back in the command post, have the same operating picture and we can ensure that we have an unity of effort of everyone. and with the command and control exercise that we started with, this was one great opportunity for the military and the civilian groups to work together. so i'd like to hear from our c2 exercise participants how that went. colone
was going to be in operation in san francisco after an ert quake. that probably is not going to happen. it's a little bit different having several blocks in your population out of water versus out of electricity or gas or cell phone service. it's a little bit different level of emergency. after an earthquake what we're designing for is to have the high level fire system more or less immediately. there may be homes, individual service connections, which could be out of water for quite some time and that's where my utility has to interface with other departments to make sure we're getting water to people through humanitarian stations, red cross, mutual aid is a huge part of this with our federal and state partners. but those hand off points after a major event and educating ourselves what we're doing and not doing is a big part of the life line process that naomi is running and it's been very, very helpful. >> thank you. and mr. angelus. >> in terms of standards, similar to pg&e we have established our own internal standards on how resilient our network is. it's two hour quality of servi
monroe is the president of and we celebrated several former san francisco officers and one that worked in this parish for the role in the civil rights advocates in the 60s and 70s raising the rights of the officers. and you probably know that san francisco is the most diverse police department in the country and it is because of the work of these men who received the awards and put in the hall of fame because their hard work that we have the police department that we have today that was a great ceremony and that is all that i have to report and commissioners, anything to report? >> i would like to report that the coffee was delicious. i am sorry guys. >> it has been a long day. >> i wanted to report that it was a fantastic promotion ceremony, some great family and i just wanted to echo the points that the deputy chief made is that our job is to be critical and hold the police officers accountable every day and we do that well in san francisco and it is also nice to celebrate some people who worked really hard to become leaders in the department at a time when there is so much transitio
location of charles char scrab and a broken firm and happens to be a san francisco firm and with chase moving in there are 22 signs and in every column space there is one sign so as the arcade goes on you have a sign for column spacing and then on the inside between lit signage on the store front you have blue atm's and everything else which comes through it. i would like the department to put on things to look at. it's not what the code prescribes. last i heard of a wonderful story and veteran's common and the mission street building which is the jeweled building with the roof top garden bar was adapted to accept about 20 -- i'm want sure on the number, veteran vouchers of home units negotiated by former supervisor dufty and i think that is a wonderful and positive thing to share with each other. it's described in the paper today if anyone wants more detail on that. >> thank you. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i read in interest about the story i think the chairperson of yahoo that ask employees not work from home anywhere and in the future go to their campus to work, and
and if we had an arena decent for presentation san francisco would be the first site but that doesn't mean this has to be the only site in san francisco but it's the best site because it satisfies so many things being so close to accessibility from cal train, from bart, from muni, from a lot of different public transportation and also very walkable. it also impresses me after giant games the number of people on the street walking up to market street or into the heart of san francisco and everyone had horror stories about how bad it would be and i don't think i ever had a problem coming or going to a giant games whether i walked or drive or public transportation. i usually don't drive and if i do i park a wayings away and i think this makes sense. somebody brought up the question about maritime uses and as was pointed out in the presentation there is the idea of kayak access and some ferry terminal or some terminal is planned as part of the project. fishing will be available. there will be greater access to the water. there is none now. you can walk out there and look out into the wate
'm not only a member of the black human rights leadership of san francisco founded by dr. espinola jackson. i am also a member of rafeqi wellness and we believe in wellness and i believe it's the wrong location and i would like you to let that doctor know find another location, and i understand that she was with dr. coleman's doctor. well, i have a medical condition and i went up to that center trying to find a doctor in my community to see my condition. the place is closed. money i understand was spent trying to get in down there. so much for wellness in the community. and whoever said the whole place is polluted. it can go anywhere. it might as well go anywhere. if you know that person god heard it too and they have a karmic debt to pay. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon everyone. my name is theresa ballard. to the commission and the audience i am a lifelong resident of bay view hunter's point and up to this date i have chronic asthma. i have fieb ramiaga and lupus. to this day they don't understand why all of these auto immune diseases are attacking the minorit
, february 19th, we were honored to be part of an announcement made by the san francisco giants, which was announcing that anchor brewing company is planning to move its or expand its operations to pier 48 as part of the mission rock development project. this is a huge for the dianth and for the port. it represents a coming around or modernizing of an existing pier for what would have been a historic use and is still a very modern use. and so we are very grateful to the giants for finding such a terrific and local partner and we are looking forward to welcoming them after you get your various approvals hopefully as early as 2014. and that was wonderful news and we commend you for that and thank you for including all of us at the port of the event. our own sadness for the day was that it was not a post 5:00 event, so that we could all enjoy the new product that will be moving to the water front, but i assume that there will be time for that. just another ribbon cutting. >> okay. next what i would like to mention is we are going to have a street closure this friday night beginning at 10
time when there was the common sense san francisco which was pg and e using a different name at the time they were allowed to do this kind of stuff, we worked with the puc and the lafco staff put out a spreadsheet, it doesn't cost any money because i think a lot of the supervisors in their news letters put links to this information, so we have facebook, we have e-mail list, we have a lot of ways we can get has information out that won't necessarily cost any money right now is we're not spending the money we need for later on but we can still get that information out there, so what is reality of the program and using some of the things that those mailers are saying which is completely inaccurate would be a way to start that. >> and one thing we could say is in addition to any kind of like a mailer or mailing that has some information about this, i would also encourage puc, lafco staff to go into the community and there are probably -- i mean, there is dozens, each one of us on the board of supervisors have dozens of organizations and merchant groups, community groups that we c
clouded by a racial slur. the chair of the san francisco gop was targeted by the precedent of a san bernardino republican's women's group on facebook. vera wrote that dillon's loyalty is to the muslim religion so she will defend a muslim be heading two men without any hesitation. she is not a a republican. >> i have been in politics for 25 years so i have gotten over any of that type of sensitivity. >> the facebook post has been deleted and the woman said her comments were taken out of context. >>> the san francisco band train is staying a stand this morning. they announced they will not headline the boy scouts jamboree until they reverse their stand on gays. they made the decision after a pegs with 3,000 signatures urging the band members to denounce the ban. >>> we have a picture showing a lion in the bushes near the hospital. san ramon police have been in contact with the people who spotted the mountain lie on. a beautiful creature but scary when see them too close to home. >> absolutely. nice day to get out and take a hike today. not as sunny as yesterday but we are looking at t
'll have the republican response to the forced spending cuts. >> san francisco mayor ed lee expressed his disappointment in lawmakers failure to act. in a statement released friday he says. " in san francisco. this means that fewer low- income families will receive assistance to purchase necessary food, fewer youth aging out of foster care will receive support and education, and more homeless people will be unable to access shelter. the mayor's statement went on. i urge congress to work with the president to critical services in our >> putting an end to months of drama, santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa has resigned. he faces a with mis-using public funds. this comes after months of down. those charges include perjury, felony misuse of public funds, and violating guilty to the charges later this month. finance reports. filing inaccurate reports and delayed repayment of credit of these credit card charges, and will repay the never have been made."-- end quote. shirakawa blames depression and a gambling addiction. >> let's take a quick look outside this morning. let's check in
for arriving flights into san francisco right now. >> here is spencer christian. >> hard to believe but take a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies now looking at western sky from our east bay hills camera. beautiful afternoon around the bay area, temperatures highs, so far, i should say 74 degrees in santa rosa and 74 in oakland. 71 near san francisco. a clear ocean beach and readings right now 71 degrees in oakland. on we go mainly cloudy skies and take a look at readings, low 70s around the bay area. so it's just been mild, one of the mildest days of the year so far. clear and mild, mostly cloudy skies in early morning. still mild tomorrow before getting the cool down coming our way next week. larry and carolyn? >> firefighters have maitd progress against this wildfire that we're showing you live on the news. it's about 40% contained now. hot dry winds could cause hot spots to clear again. >> st. mayor ease basketball coach responded to harsh sanction that's could impact his program for years still to come these mostly involve questionable recruiting efforts. >> i take full responsibility.
does it fit in with what we're doing in san francisco and the bay area with medical planning. so yesterday we had an opportunity to go out and see a shock trauma platoon set up on ocean beach, had them running demonstrations and asking questions of the doctors and nurses there. we also saw a landing craft on the beach. yes, it can bring a tractor, it can bring personnel, it can also evacuate patients. it can also bring resources that we otherwise wouldn't be able to get into the city. general spies has said it many times, they have the ability to go around, over, i think through was one of those as well, any of the obstacles we find in our way. that's a resource we in san francisco really have to capitalize on. as i look at all these things, frankly i just was talking to somebody this morning, this is like the toy store of resources for me. when you sit on this ship, you look around, yes, it's a ship, it carries helicopters. it is so much more than that. it's a platform that does so many things. it's like your i phone. you ask it what you want it to do and there's probabl
and deploying inside our country. so, this is an area where opportunities like san francisco fleet week will allow us for, and i believe at some point really incorporate this in some internal doctrine that will benefit us in the event that this is a requirement inside the u.s. >> thank you. this morning secretary schultz asked one of the panels that was involved in communications and command and control about in this age of information, real-time information, how you're hit with a sea of information and how do you deal with that. something as senior leaders all of you have dealt with. and i believe admiral zukunft used the term dealing with reality tv. so, until you get that unity of effort and get into an up tempo, how do you as a senior leader deal with that sea of information coming at you that's all over cnn and the cable as you look at deploying your forces? >> i'll take that one again. and i'll go back to my experience during the gulf oil spill. and we lost public trust very early on because we would quote numbers and then the numbers would change and then the more they changed, a
breaking this study down to multiple categories to try to find similar things with san francisco, so we're looking at other locations that have large populations that are about the city and county, other places in the country, there are places like arlington, virginia, colorado, we're looking how they replace their positions in the county there. we're also going to be looking at the top 10 cities across the nation to see -- that have independently elected mayors to see how they replace position ins the top 10 cities, we're going to look in california, the law dictates how most places do the replacements unless you're a chartered city like san francisco, you can have a different set of rules so we're going to look at all of those locations as well, and determine what is everyone else's practices and present that in a report. my hope is we'll have a draft available for the march meeting so people can think about what it is, i don't have much more detail than that because we haven't had a chance to analyze all the data that's been collected so far. >> i think what's good to look at
of you know i had a long association with san francisco's waterfront and fisherman's wharf in particular and i am happy to hear that fisherman's wharf will not be duplicated. fisherman's wharf as you know is the number two destination next to disneyland in california and we seem to do a good job at making the people happy and generating tax dollars and the arena will bring in new tax dollars from a new sector of san francisco and entertaining folks of san francisco. in regard to the cruise ship -- i assume they're celebratory ships or back up cruise ship capacity and for fleet week? >> yeah, we are currently planning that this berth could accommodate fleet week and other ships. the eastern edge of this pier as you probably know commissioner from your time on the port commission has an advantage in it doesn't require as much consistent dredging and lower cost from a operational standpoint and options like that and one of the reasons we tried to make it work under the plan. >> okay. i imagine the port is negotiating with you about the number of days, maximum, minimum? >> yes. we're in
points on that. the first is that all disasters are local. the folks here in san francisco are going to be in charge from the minute the disaster happens and i think that that's really critical to understand. the local authorities evaluate the situation on the ground and execute what locally is available, then they evaluate shortfalls and what they have and then generate those requirements up through that defined chain of command, as i mentioned earlier. then once those agencies determine what those requirements are, they are given back to the city who employs those as they think they need to be deployed because, again, they are the eyes and understand the local situation. i think going through this that the navy and the marine corps, we're used to being in charge whenever we show up and we're not going to be in this situation. i think it's important for us to understand that and we do and i think we, if we were employed in this certainly would understand that particular chain of command and would be able to fit right in and execute as required by the local situation. >> let me rei
on the national and local fronts. joining me on the news panel are carolyn said, "san francisco chronicle" reporter. jolie o'dell, venturebeat reporter. and andrew ross, "san francisco chronicle" columnist. earlier this evening president obama signed an order triggering automatic cuts in federal spending. this is because congress and the president failed to reach a deficit reduction deal. andrew, let's begin with you. how is california affected specifically? >> of all the states, california is affected in dollar terms the most. something like $3 billion to $4 billion this year out of total, at least, of an $85 billion first-year cut. the military is taking the biggest cut. california has a major military presence. mostly in southern california, but also, of course, in northern california around sacramento, and around monterey. that's going to be hit really hard, too. $87 million worth at least of education cuts, which means secondary education, some primary education, plus head-start, plus special education, there are all sorts of cuts coming through. will it affect the overall recovery i
until at least earlyçó next week. san francisco public works crew wrapped up repair today and back filled the sink hole but the road still needs to be repaved. until then, 15 avenue from westportal to win will stay closed. the broken main sent a ton of water and debris rushing in a dozen homes and vehicle early on wednesday morning. you can see the necessary created. p uc lost up to two million gallon of water before the pipe was finally shut off. cuss of the break is still under investigation. >>> all right more to bring enthusiastic friday night on 7 news at 9:00 coming up. how volcano have a positive effect on global warming. >> mars rover knocked out with serious computer problem. what may have led to the system error. >> also find out how zoo oly gist hope to meet china growing demand with rhino horn and making sure the species isn't wiped off the face of the eart earth. we have the weather. >> that's right. here in the accu-weather forecast center. first clouds then the cool down and rain. i give you a lack at the week ahead in the accu-weather forecast coming u up. >>
70 in san francisco. 74 in oakland. concord 73, 81 in santa cruz. shattering old record of 77. that is back in 1925 here is another live view from our camera. mainly sunny skies. 66 in oakland. 70s in santa cruz. another live view from our south beach camera. taking a look back western towards san francisco, cloudy skies and 73 in fremont. and 71 in gilroy. bits across the board about warmest day of the week. forecast features clouds increasing overnight. a chance of rain saturday evening and then, overnight into sunday. clearing late sunday. now, we do have a beach hazard advisory through saturday he can. we need to remind you there may be dangerous sneak heer waves. serve is potentially dangerous, pulling back over the last 12 hours you can see an advancing frontal system. high pressure just barely holding on. clouds thickening overnight tonight. running starting at 7:00 you see clouds tomorrow maybe showers tomorrow night into sunday morning still cloudy sunday morning and as starts to clear maybe light showers mid day or early afternoon. then, we've got further clearing an
the projections for san francisco and how we're trying to accommodate some of that growth. as you know this was developed for a sustainable community strategy and implements these things to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the regional projections are here. they project that the bay area which is the nine counties that touch the bay will grow by 2 million people and add 1 million jobs and housing units and that is about 2/3 of the city of san francisco -- no, more than that. that is double the size of san francisco and while they have projections by county it's clear that number is coming to the bay area and whether they will go to each county the way they project it's clear about that number is coming whether we plan for it or not. so the regional growth strategy that has been projected by a bag and amc the priority development areas which are primarily along transit facilities will absorb 80% of the housing and 66% of the jobs. the second bullet is important even with the urban centric scenario that we call it and focus the growth on the three big cities and that is 15% of the re
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